5 Reasons to Attend a Live Event

One of the things people often ask, both in person and on forums and online groups is whether or not live events are worth the time and expense and if I’m honest we have probably all experienced some events that have been disappointing. But there’s a danger in assuming that all events are only as good as the worst! Here are a few reasons why I think attending live events can be something of real value for you and your business.

Time away from the everyday

One of the great things about attending a live seminar or workshop is that you must set the time aside, after all usually you pay for them so generally people set the time aside and other than extreme emergencies they will not sacrifice that time. But it is also time away from the everyday routine and that means you have time to think and reflect and in fact that is often where people get their good ideas, their light bulb moments and that can steer their business or life in a new direction or give it a real boost along the same path.

Share with others of like mind

Obviously it depends on the particular event but I know I have met some interesting folk, some people I have learned from and people I have been guided by, at events and workshops. But in addition it has given me time to share my ideas and get some feedback, good or bad, which has helped me to move things forward.

Demonstrate your intentions with investment

We probably all know that we give time and money to things we value. If we are serious about being successful in our business or life then it is appropriate to invest in ourselves and our business. One of the ways you can do this is by attending events where you will learn and that is a powerful message both to yourself and your subconscious but also, for those who understand the laws of attraction by doing so you are with your actions setting an intention, which is a powerful message to the universe.

Specific Learning

One of the reasons we consider events at all is to help us to learn more about ourselves and what we can do to have the life we want, or learn the skills we need to be effective in business. So pick the event carefully, check what will be covered and ask as many questions as you need to so you can make sure it will deliver what you are looking for. But it is also a personal thing I have been to some events that have come highly recommended but found that they weren’t right for me at that time. So do your research but also trust your intuition a bit and if it feels right it probably is

It’s fun

One of the best reasons I know of giving up a day or weekend is to actually enjoy myself and I must say I have been to a number of retreats and conferences where I have had a wonderful time, times where I’ve not only learned but laughed with others and had time to relax, enjoy the countryside, some good food or any one of a number of other things.

So if you are thinking about a live event – whichever that might be then do you research and decide if 2018 might be the time to make that investment – and you are in luck as there are still some places available on our Business Builder day on 27th January and the Mind Design day on Feb 10th  click here for info.

I hope to meet you soon,