Why you should give yourself permission to do these 10 things today

Life, and business, doesn’t always go as planned and as we are all humans we might not always deal with life’s challenges in the best way. But to be successful we all need to give yourself permission to do these 5 things and not let our inner critic, or anyone else tell us otherwise.

Say ‘NO’

It is worth reminding yourself that when you say ‘no’ to something it allow you to say ‘yes’ to something else. It is very easy to get caught up in ‘ought to’ and ‘should’ but sometimes it is worth taking a step back realising that you are only one person, there are only 24 hours in a day and sometimes the best answer is ‘no’.

Take Care of Yourself

We know that our health, both physical and mental, suffers if we do not make time to look after ourselves. However busy we are we need to build a lifestyle that allows us to exercise, eat a healthy diet, have times of relaxation and refreshment and develop strategies to manage harmful emotions, like stress and worry.

Be Positive

There is lots of evidence to suggest that our outlook has a profound impact on our day to day lives. When we have a positive mind-set we are much more likely to attract abundance. Some days it’s easier to be positive than others but like other aspects of life it is a habit we can develop. One of the things that will detract from that positivity is being surrounded by folk that are negative. So if you find your positivity drained by people that are around you then limit time with those people. It takes energy to battle negativity.


Try Again

We learn when we step outside of our comfort zone. The risk is that when we do that we are prone to make a mistake. But that is how new skills are learned and developed. Think of a child learning to walk, they fall over repeatedly, but each time they get back up and try again. Making mistakes is an integral part of learning so don’t give yourself (or let others give you) a hard time, just pick yourself up, learn from the experience and try again.


Do What You Want

We are all individuals and have different aims and desires. I’m afraid I have no desire to climb Kilimanjaro but I have friends who have and they have loved the experience, I wouldn’t have dreamt of putting them off. If there is something you want to do or try or visit then give yourself permission to do it. Providing it is not hurting others or damaging yourself then give it a go.

Put Yourself First

If you have read some of my other blogs and articles you will know I am a firm advocate of kindness and gratitude. BUT it is also okay to put yourself first sometimes. Being helpful is good, supporting others is good, but if you don’t put yourself first sometimes then you will simply run out of steam, so it is definitely ok at times to put yourself first and make time for you and do what you want to do.


Ask for Help

Life can throw us challenges, so can running a business and there is nothing wrong with asking for help and support. Maybe you want to get some advice from someone, well ask. Maybe you need some practical help, then ask. Far from being a sign of weakness, asking for help is actually a sign of strength.

Take or Leave Advice

I don’t know about you but a lot of people seem very keen to pass on their wisdom, abut both life and business. Which can be great. I benefitted from their words of wisdom and from practical advice especially from people who have more experience in a particular field than I have. But there have also been times when I have chosen NOT to take their advice for a whole host f reasons and that is okay as well. We all have slightly different approaches to things and what suits one person or works for them or their business isn’t necessarily going to be effective for another. So feel free to ask for advice, consider it, but also give yourself permission to take it or leave it.

Dream Big

Your dreams are your business and whatever you dream of, unless it is criminal or hurtful, is ok. Even people you are very close to may not share your dreams but that doesn’t invalidate them. Feel free to dream big and visualise the life and future you want and don’t let others stop you. Telling others your dreams can be powerful but don’t let their response dampen your enthusiasm. Not everyone has the ability or willingness to dream BIG.

Be Present

Life in essence is all about the moments. It is easy for all of us to get so caught up in life, work and business or even in the bigger picture that we let the here and now slip by. Give yourself permission to enjoy the present the moment you actually have right now. This can be tough to do at first and mindfulness can help a lot with this but learning to be present can have a powerful impact on our lives, helping to reduce stress and often have a clearer focus.

Remember the permission slips you’d have to get signed by a parent when you were a child? Well thankfully as adults we are in a position to give ourselves permission for all sorts of things that will help us to live happy and fulfilled lives so MAKE SURE YOU DO.