Clearing the Road Blocks to Your Success

As I’ve mentioned before there can be a lot of obstacles on the road to success. Some will be individual but some are common to lots of people and it is useful to think about what is stopping you experiencing the success you want in any aspect of your life or business. So here are the common ones to watch out for – each one can be overcome but step one is being honest with yourself so you can identify what these blocks might be.


Be Clear About Your Destination

Sometimes when I talk to clients about success I ask them to describe what success would ‘look like’ for them. If they can’t or they hesitate a lot and really aren’t sure then I know straightaway that one of the blocks to their success is that they are simply not being specific enough in their goals. If you are setting off on a journey with a clear aim in mind that will have an impact on the route you decide to take, how often you stop along the way and even what you take with you. If however you just jump in the car and head off – then you may have an incredible journey but you may not reach the intended destination. So decide now what your success destination is – be very clear. It can be really helpful to write it down and make sure it is very specific.

Get the Right Mind-set

People who experience success would often say they knew they would be successful. They usually have a deep inner belief that they can be successful. So the next question to ask yourself is do you really believe you will be successful? If you honestly find that hard to answer then the chances are you have a mind-set that tells you success doesn’t happen to folk like you or that you don’t deserve success – click here  to read about the mind-sets you really need to develop in order to be successful. If you find you have a problem in this area then please get in touch – it will be hard for you to experience the success you deserve until this road block has been dealt with.


Deal with Fear

Fear can be really useful – it keeps us cautious and can help us avoid risk. But it can also be incapacitating and prevent us doing the things we need to do to be successful. Think about the fears you may have in relation to the areas of life or business where you want to be successful. What comes to mind? Are you afraid of failing, afraid of what others may think, afraid of the changes that success many bring or maybe, and this is much more common than you think, afraid of success itself – you can read more about that here in a guest blog I wrote for another site.

Whatever fear you might be living with it can be managed but you might need a bit of help. I often use tapping to help people deal with both fear and mind-set issues – so don’t struggle alone get help if you need to. If you need any more information just get in touch.

Be prepared to say ‘no’

I would be very rich indeed if I had a pound for every time I heard people say they don’t have time to do things they want to, or need to do to be more successful. While I understand hat time is short for lots of people I bet that they all spend time doing some things they rather not because they find it very hard to say ‘no’. The fact is we all have 24 hours in every day and we make choices about how we spend at least some of that time. So remember that saying ‘no’ to some things enables you to say yes to others. Then try changing your language a bit – instead of saying ‘I haven’t time’ try saying ‘I’m choosing not to spend time …’ – that will often make you reconsider how you do actually spend the time you have.

Take Action

It is so easy to devise plans, set intentions, and write lists (all of which are good) but then not actually follow through with the action you need to take. If you want to make things happen and change your life, be happy and achieve success then it always comes down to taking action. The particular actions you need to take will depend on your, clearly identified destination, but action simply must be taken. If you find this hard or find yourself procrastinating when you should be doing then the chances are there are a few mind-set issues or fears at work but take heart they can all be eliminated.

Experiencing challenge and overcoming obstacles is one of the ways we can become stronger and learn new skills so don’t be down hearted just determine to do what you need to do to get past the road block and continue on your personal success journey.