Learning to make choices

First Published in Affinity Magazine I’ve heard a few times recently people saying things like ‘I couldn’t help it’ ‘they made me do it’ or ‘well it wasn’t my fault it was because …….’. Well let’s just set one thing straight. Unless someone literally has a gun to your head or is putting you under […]

See it Say it Sorted!

This was an artcile I wrote for Affinity Magazine but the message is useful for us all. If you have travelled by train recently you will have seen the exhortation ‘See it. Say it. Sorted.’ I find it fascinatinging that most people plan their vacation with more care than they plan their lives. Perhaps that’s […]

Keep Calm and Pass your Exams

For my blog post this week I have gathered together a nmber of earlier posts about revision and exams into a downloadable ebook Keep Calm and Pass your Exams. You candownload it by clicking here AND I’ve done summary video that I’ve put on the facebook page, you can watch it here  

Managing your Mind

  Don’t forget to join in the 5 day mindset mastery challenge – startsing 7th May but you can catch up later as it will all be in the fabeook group Steps4success Managing Your Mind-set As a coach, and earlier as a teacher, I am aware of the very powerful influence our mind-set can have […]

Learning about the Happy Hormones

This was first published in Affintity Magazine but I think its helpfulfor evry one to know a bit about the hormones that impact our happiness. Our state of happiness depends on a whole range of factors, some would say genetic predisposition plays a part as well as our current situation, but it’s probably fair to […]

More on Mindsets

  This was first published in Affinity magazine but the subject of Mind set is vital for success so I thought Id share it here too. There is a lot of talk of mind-set these days – the underlying beliefs, often subconscious that can exert a sometimes significant influence upon almost every area of our […]

Helping Teenagers Revise

As the exam season is fast approaching once again here are a few tips for parents who are faced with supporting their teens to revise for exams I published this first on hubpages and you can read the whole article by following this link  Do’s and Don’ts Encourage but don’t nag Stay positive even if […]

Mapping a Path to Success

Over recent years there has been a considerable rise in both the number and popularity of books/dvds and seminars on ‘achieving your dreams’. Whilst no one should fall into the trap of believing that positive thinking alone can change our lives undoubtedly our attitude and state of mind has a huge impact on what we […]

Questions to ask when Managing Behaviour

  It is easy when faced with difficult behaviour to let it become a battle. As the adult we imply intent which simply may not be there – the child probably isn’t behaving that way just to make our lives difficult. One of the ways to prevent a battle mentality is to approach with curiosty […]

Learning to Live Your Dream

This was first published in Affinity magazine but I still get lots of people saying they want to live their dream – so I thought it might be helpful for people to add this as a blog post. ‘Live the dream’ is a phrase we’ve all heard, many of us may have used and some […]