Clearing the Road Blocks to Your Success

As I’ve mentioned before there can be a lot of obstacles on the road to success. Some will be individual but some are common to lots of people and it is useful to think about what is stopping you experiencing the success you want in any aspect of your life or business. So here are […]

How to Easily Add Studying to Your Already Busy Life

  Many adults who return to study after a break or perhaps enrol on a course for the first time since they left school, find adjusting to study a difficult transition. That is not surprising but there are some simple steps you can take manage some of the trickier aspects of that transition so it […]

5 Positive Habits you can Help Your Children to Develop

As parents we want our children to grow up to be healthy and resilient, both physically and emotionally. Teaching your kids these habits will help them to do exactly that but like anything else they need to be taught about them and see you as the adult modelling them. We often put a lot of […]

Learning to Live in the Here and Now

If you have read some of my previous articles you will know I am a fan of mindfulness, not least because it can help us live in the present. This article was first published in Affinity magazine but I think it may be useful for readers of my website. I came across a quote recently […]

Thoughts, Attitudes, Words and Behaviour

I worte this for Affintity magazine a while ago but the message bears repeating. Thoughts are amazingly powerful and influnece both our words and actions. Thoughts Thinking really is the beginning of everything. Any invention, accomplishment or activity begins with a thought. Surely that should give us the message that thoughts are powerful. They are! […]

Why you should give yourself permission to do these 10 things today

Life, and business, doesn’t always go as planned and as we are all humans we might not always deal with life’s challenges in the best way. But to be successful we all need to give yourself permission to do these 5 things and not let our inner critic, or anyone else tell us otherwise. Say […]

5 Reasons to Attend a Live Event

One of the things people often ask, both in person and on forums and online groups is whether or not live events are worth the time and expense and if I’m honest we have probably all experienced some events that have been disappointing. But there’s a danger in assuming that all events are only as […]

6 Reasons to start, or build, a business in 2018

In some ways it is the dream, having your own business, and many would imagine it is the best way to achieve more time freedom and flexibility in their work life. But if you ask anyone who has their own business they will probably tell you that hey work longer and harder than they ever […]

Making the Most of time for Rest, Reflection and Re-Direction

One of the great things about having a little time away from the business of the ordinary routine is that you have time to rest and with that can come some important reflection which often then leads to some redirection, which can be a really  thing at any time of year but especially at the […]

Overcoming Overwhelm in 5 Easy Steps

Whether in business or life almost everyone will experience overwhelm at times. It could be feeling that there is just too much to do, or that you have too many responsibilities. Alternately it might be more of an emotional overwhelm if life has been challenging with maybe illness or break ups, financial or other worries. […]