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So this is an unusual blog post for me but it has been an eventful few weeks so I thought I’d give a bit of an update and also a reminder about a few upcoming courses. Exclusions I was delighted to have an article published in the TES as I do feel very strongly that […]

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Mental Health and Children

    Mental health has been in the news a lot lately and particualrly mental health among children. I’ve written posts before about mental health or aspects related to it and links are at the bottom of this post if you’d like to read them. But this week  a couple of powerful new resources have […]

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3 Types of Texts that help Children Become Readers

  I have met plenty of children and young people who love reading and I have also met children who don’t love reading. Often, but certainly not always this dislike of reading has stemmed from early difficulties with reading. The difficulties may have been resolved but for some children who struggled when they were learning […]

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Thoughts about Thoughts

  Thoughts about Thoughts Thoughts are important, I think we’d probably all agree with that. It is our thoughts that in time give rise to our feelings and our actions. Everything that happens begins with a thought whether it is something simple like standing up, lifting a cup or planning a holiday, deciding to move […]

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FREE COURSE – Help Your Child to Read and Write

I have often written blog posts before about reading, teaching reading and helping children to become effective readers. That is simply because, like others I think reading is a fundamental skill that children need to learn and they deserve to be taught in ways that will help them achieve that, by people who have the […]

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7 School Holiday Survival Tips (For Parents!)

Help Its School Holidays! They have arrived for almost all of the UK now and for many parents it means six weeks of somehow juggling even more than usual. In the UK, according to the Modern Families Index ( 48% of couple families said they worked full time and 57% of single parents reported working […]

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8 ways to helpchildren and young people learn about emotions

As this week has shown in a shocking and tragic way we live in a world where awful things happen. Yes, it is also a wonderful world but there are times when either at a personal and individual level, through illness bereavement or numerous other traumas or at a wider societal level (within which there […]

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Last Minute Revision

Top Revision Tips

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Risking a few risks

We hear a lot about safeguarding, health and safety,  risk assessments, and duty of care. These are all very important, especially for anyone involved in the care of children or young people. But as a society it seems we could be in danger of becoming very ‘risk averse’. In terms of academic learning we encourage […]

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How to Handle Homework

  Many parents can see homework as a bit of a battle, at any time of the year but especially when the sun starts to shine. As parents it can be tough we are told abut the benefits of exercise and being outdoors for children so it often goes against the grain to be restricting […]

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