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8 ways to helpchildren and young people learn about emotions

As this week has shown in a shocking and tragic way we live in a world where awful things happen. Yes, it is also a wonderful world but there are times when either at a personal and individual level, through illness bereavement or numerous other traumas or at a wider societal level (within which there […]

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Last Minute Revision

Top Revision Tips

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Risking a few risks

We hear a lot about safeguarding, health and safety,  risk assessments, and duty of care. These are all very important, especially for anyone involved in the care of children or young people. But as a society it seems we could be in danger of becoming very ‘risk averse’. In terms of academic learning we encourage […]

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How to Handle Homework

  Many parents can see homework as a bit of a battle, at any time of the year but especially when the sun starts to shine. As parents it can be tough we are told abut the benefits of exercise and being outdoors for children so it often goes against the grain to be restricting […]

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How to build positive self-esteem

  In my work roles I have often worked with children and young people who struggle with self-esteem. This can happen for all sorts of reasons and is always a concern for the adults who are around them, whether that be parents, or other relatives, carers or staff in schools. Of course it is easiest […]

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Managing Exam Stress

We have now reached that time of year when children and young people in both primary and secondary schools are facing assessments and exams. The hope is that in primary schools these remain fairly low key, though from what some teachers and parents report that is not always the case – with some being relentlessly […]

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The ‘numbers’ of Reading

Recent estimates suggest that while there may be less than 1% of the adult population who are completely illiterate there are approximately 5.1 million people – about 16% who are what would be described as functionally illiterate with a reading age below that of an 11 year old. That means that while they may be […]

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Learning to Love a Good Laugh

My article on laughter was first published in Affinity magazine last May – but we could all do with a reminder of how good it is for us to laugh!!  so here it is again. I must confess that in my opinion one of the best sounds on earth is that of children laughing. It […]

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4 Mindful Exercises To Try Today

  Over recent years there has been a growing understanding of how damaging stress can be and mindfulness has become a tool of choice in terms of stress reduction for many people and organisations. So if you are new to mindfulness, or if you’ve heard about it but don’t know where to start here a […]

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Promoting Positive Mental Health

Mental Health is something that has been in the news quite a bit recently, and when it comes to the mental health of children and young people some of the statistics are indeed quite shocking. The figures below are taken from One in Four (26%) young people in the UK experience suicidal thoughts Among […]

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