Questions to ask when Managing Behaviour

  It is easy when faced with difficult behaviour to let it become a battle. As the adult we imply intent which simply may not be there – the child probably isn’t behaving that way just to make our lives difficult. One of the ways to prevent a battle mentality is to approach with curiosty […]

How to Easily Add Studying to Your Already Busy Life

  Many adults who return to study after a break or perhaps enrol on a course for the first time since they left school, find adjusting to study a difficult transition. That is not surprising but there are some simple steps you can take manage some of the trickier aspects of that transition so it […]

5 Positive Habits you can Help Your Children to Develop

As parents we want our children to grow up to be healthy and resilient, both physically and emotionally. Teaching your kids these habits will help them to do exactly that but like anything else they need to be taught about them and see you as the adult modelling them. We often put a lot of […]

Learning to Live in the Here and Now

If you have read some of my previous articles you will know I am a fan of mindfulness, not least because it can help us live in the present. This article was first published in Affinity magazine but I think it may be useful for readers of my website. I came across a quote recently […]

7 Reasons Why Your Kids Misbehave (there are many more!)

Children are all individuals, and while some are generally compliant, others make misbehaviour and defiance almost an art form. All children misbehave and as parents we usually accept this as part of their growing up, which of course it is. But we also ask ourselves why on earth they do it? Well, here are a […]

Getting Behind the Behaviour – Five Questions to ask You rself

  Behaviour is a form of communication. Someone slams a door – you know they are angry (unless there was a gust of wind!), if someone is tearful you infer they are upset. Of course behaviour isn’t just those big gestures lots can be conveyed by the way a person stands, their tone of voice, […]


So this is an unusual blog post for me but it has been an eventful few weeks so I thought I’d give a bit of an update and also a reminder about a few upcoming courses. Exclusions I was delighted to have an article published in the TES as I do feel very strongly that […]

Mental Health and Children

    Mental health has been in the news a lot lately and particualrly mental health among children. I’ve written posts before about mental health or aspects related to it and links are at the bottom of this post if you’d like to read them. But this week  a couple of powerful new resources have […]

3 Types of Texts that help Children Become Readers

  I have met plenty of children and young people who love reading and I have also met children who don’t love reading. Often, but certainly not always this dislike of reading has stemmed from early difficulties with reading. The difficulties may have been resolved but for some children who struggled when they were learning […]

Thoughts about Thoughts

  Thoughts about Thoughts Thoughts are important, I think we’d probably all agree with that. It is our thoughts that in time give rise to our feelings and our actions. Everything that happens begins with a thought whether it is something simple like standing up, lifting a cup or planning a holiday, deciding to move […]