Guest Post – My Mood Stars – A Highly Effective Emotion Resource for Children

I’m delighted to put a link below to a blog which explains how Mood Stars can help children ( and others) express emotions. Click here to read the blog


I was sent a link to this great infographic from and it was too good not to share! Take a look here

6 Ways to Make Friends with your Feelings (and why it’s a good plan)

We all have feelings, they appear, often seemingly unbidden, at any time and can wreak havoc on us. But it doesn’t have to be that way. In a previous blog I mentioned that I’ve had a particularly difficult few years and had to work very hard to regulate my emotions, reduce my stress and anxiety […]

Routine therapy

We all acknowledge that routine can be very important for children and young people especially those who may be described as vulnerable withing school, though it can often provide an anchor for any child or young person coping with stress or anxiety. But it doesn’t just help children! I’m afraid out of respect for others […]

Six Things I learned through my sister

For anyone reading this who doesn’t know, I have an older sister with multiple disabilities. Growing up with her has had a profound impact on who I am, my view of the world and how I long for a society that is kind compassionate and inclusive – one where everyone has value and is treated […]

7 (school based) Steps to Reduce Exclusions

During this recent lockdown concerns about children missing education due to school closures, for those not identified as vulnerable or children of keyworkers, have been expressed from all quarters. But of course, there have always been children who miss out on education. For example, there are an estimated 1500 children not in school as they […]

Tiers, tears and why self-care is a priority.

For months now everyone has been keen to get to the end of 2020 which has presented so many challenges. However what we are now realising is that 2021, or the beginning of at least may not represent much change in terms of many of the challenges we all continue to face. Whilst there is […]

Let’s talk about STRESS

Rightly, in my opinion there has been much talk of well being in the context of schools re-opening. Obviously, education and academic achievement are important but as a parent a teacher and a human I would say well being must take an even higher priority. We also know that one of the things that is […]

Making Wellbeing Work

We have certainly heard a lot about the need to prioritise wellbeing over recent weeks – a sentiment I whole heartedly agree with, but we all know there is a danger of using the words without any significant change in actions. As a society we haven’t always had a very holistic view of wellbeing – […]

Reflections on Regulation

When I first worked with children and young people with social emotional and mental health needs, which back then we called emotional and behavioural difficulties, the word regulation wasn’t in regular use. There was a focus on behaviour, consistent boundaries and often complex systems of rewards and sanctions. Things have changed a little over the […]