Why is art therapeutic?

I am  delighted to post this guest blog from Chloe Billington, founder and director of Child in Time, a company offering a counselling service for children within schools. You can find out more about Child in time here  Given the  situation we have found ourselves in recently,  many people have been drawn to creativity, precisely […]

10 Tips to Maintain your Mental Wellbeing

I uploaded a video  about maintaining our mental well being for mental health awareness day in October a couple of years ago. The general advice doesn’t change much,and for many of us we k now what we need to do. Given the recent situation many of us have become more aware of what a top […]

Helping all children read

if children don’t learn to read the impact on their self- esteem and life chances can be very negative. science has shown the most effective method is a synthetic phonics programme like Sounds-write. please watch the video – watch right to the end it’s not from UK but issues are the same – and if […]

Practising Self-Care in Your New Life After Baby

Self care is important in maintaining physical and mental well being – and when you have just had anew baby that is especially important. thanks to Ashley for her second guest blog! Bringing a new baby into the world is a magical event. Your life becomes infinitely more fulfilling, your love is abundant and your […]

5 Must Do’s after Attending a Live Event, Training or Conference

I decided to write this blog after attending the 2 day content live event with Janet Murray  (and a host of other  fab presenters) for two reasons: firstly I thought it would help me be clear about what I needed to do to make sure I got the most from the event and secondly as […]

Parenting with a disability: Tips will help to overcome challenges

Delighted to publish the first guest blog!! Having a baby presents a whole range of challenges for any new parent but if you are a  parent with a disability then these challenges can be even greater. In this blog Ashley shares some really practical advice about ways of overcoming some of these challenges.  Courtesy Pixabay […]

Learning about Choices

First Published in Affinity Magazine I’ve heard a few times recently people saying things like ‘I couldn’t help it’ ‘they made me do it’ or ‘well it wasn’t my fault it was because …….’. Well let’s just set one thing straight. Unless someone literally has a gun to your head or is putting you under […]

Keep Calm and Pass your Exams

For my blog post this week I have gathered together a nmber of earlier posts about revision and exams into a downloadable ebook Keep Calm and Pass your Exams. You candownload it by clicking here AND I’ve done summary video that I’ve put on the facebook page, you can watch it here  

Learning about the Happy Hormones

This was first published in Affintity Magazine but I think its helpfulfor evry one to know a bit about the hormones that impact our happiness. Our state of happiness depends on a whole range of factors, some would say genetic predisposition plays a part as well as our current situation, but it’s probably fair to […]

Helping Teenagers Revise

As the exam season is fast approaching once again here are a few tips for parents who are faced with supporting their teens to revise for exams I published this first on hubpages and you can read the whole article by following this link  Do’s and Don’ts Encourage but don’t nag Stay positive even if […]