Making Wellbeing Work

We have certainly heard a lot about the need to prioritise wellbeing over recent weeks – a sentiment I whole heartedly agree with, but we all know there is a danger of using the words without any significant change in actions. As a society we haven’t always had a very holistic view of wellbeing – […]

Reflections on Regulation

When I first worked with children and young people with social emotional and mental health needs, which back then we called emotional and behavioural difficulties, the word regulation wasn’t in regular use. There was a focus on behaviour, consistent boundaries and often complex systems of rewards and sanctions. Things have changed a little over the […]

Creating Calm, Comfort and Connection

In these times that have been at best unusual and at worst traumatic and overwhelming what we all need is some calm, comfort and connection. Children particularly so as they often lack the maturity, or social and emotional development to be able to regulate alone, and let’s be honest emotions can feel pretty scary. Home […]