Managing Challenging Behaviours 10th October

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In almost every class there will be some children and young people whose behaviours challenge. They may disrupt the learning of other students and can make every lesson a struggle for staff.

This course looks at ways of managing these behaviours by first gaining an understanding of why students behave in these ways.

This full day course will consider

  • Factors that make children behave differently from their peers
  • Exploration of what drives their behaviour
  • Approaches that help and approaches that hinder
  • Strategies that can be used with individuals to help them manage their own emotions and behaviour
  • What can be done when a child/young person is out of the classroom
  • Whole school approaches to behaviour and nurture

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It will  be held at
Kings Oak Primary School, Oak Road Bedford MK42 0HH

10/10/17 09.30 – 16.00
Price £75


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